Printing and Previewing

As Zettlr is a WYSIWYM editor, you define the structure of the document, but not how it will look like in the final output. While exporting to the temporary directory is a powerful method to verify that the final document looks as expected, in some cases it may be easier to make use of the print preview for this purpose.

The Print Preview

You can open the print preview for any file by pressing Cmd/Ctrl+P. This will internally export your document to HTML and display the results in a new window. This can be used for a quick preview of your file (especially if you make use of more sophisticated syntax).

From there, you can also click the print icon to actually print out the HTML file. This can be useful for situations in which it is easier for you to proofread a document in its printed state rather than on screen. The HTML template has special layouts for the needs of printing out a document.