Keyboard Shortcuts

This page contains a list of all shortcuts available throughout the app.

Shortcut Description
/Ctrl+B Bold
/Ctrl+I Italic
/Ctrl+K Insert link
/Ctrl++I Insert image
/Ctrl+C Copy as plain
/Ctrl+Alt+C Copy with formatting
/Ctrl+V Paste with formatting
/Ctrl++V Paste as plain
/Ctrl+X Cut
/Ctrl+A Select all
Indent list
+ Unindent list
/Ctrl+ Unindent list
/Ctrl+Z Undo
/Ctrl++Z Redo
Alt+ Swap line above
Alt+ Swap line below
Alt++ Copy line above
Alt++ Copy line below
Ctrl+L (macOS) Select current line
Alt+L (Win/Linux) Select current line
/Ctrl+F Open search panel
/Ctrl+G Next occurrence
/Ctrl++G Previous occurrence
/Ctrl+D Select next occurrence
/Ctrl+L Insert Zettelkasten ID
/Ctrl++L Copy current Zettelkasten ID

App-wide shortcuts

Shortcut Description
/Ctrl+, Open preferences
/Ctrl+Alt+, Open asset manager
/Ctrl+Q Quit Zettlr
/Ctrl+N New file
/Ctrl++N New window
/Ctrl+O Open new workspace
/Ctrl+S Save file
/Ctrl+E Export
/Ctrl+P Print
/Ctrl++T Filter files
/Ctrl+Alt+L Toggle dark mode
/Ctrl+Alt+S Toggle file metadata
/Ctrl+! Toggle file manager
/Ctrl++0 Toggle sidebar
/Ctrl++ Zoom in
/Ctrl+- Zoom out
/Ctrl+0 Reset zoom
Ctrl+ (macOS) Next tab
Alt+ (Win/Linux) Next tab
Ctrl++ (macOS) Previous tab
Alt++ (Win/Linux) Previous tab
/Ctrl+W Close current tab
/Ctrl++W Close current window
F1 Open this documentation


Shortcut Description
+Alt+I (macOS) Open DevTools
Ctrl++I (Win/Linux) Open DevTools
/Ctrl+Alt++L Open logs
F5 Reload window

Table editor shortcuts

Shortcut Description
Select next cell
+ Select previous cell
Select next row
Select previous row
Select next row