Split View

As you start working with more and more files, you will have more than one file open at the same time. On this page, we introduce the ways Zettlr displays multiple files and handles them.

Document Tabs

Zettlr allows opening multiple documents at the same time in a tabbed interface. All open documents will be retained even after restarts. To switch between several open files, simply click their tab. You can also drag to reorder them.

The tabs work pretty much like regular browser tabs: You can close them by clicking on the small "x" or pressing the middle mouse button, and if you have more tabs open than fit on your screen, you can either scroll horizontally through them or click the arrow buttons to both sides of the tab bar to navigate through them.

You can also pin certain documents that you need open most of the time. A pinned tab cannot be closed (you need to unpin it first) and all pinned tabs will always be sorted to the left of the unpinned tabs.

Split View

Apart from having multiple documents open at the same time, Zettlr also supports split views. Split views allow you to have several files visible simultaneously.

In order to split the editor, grab a document tab and drag it to any of the four edges of the editor. Once you are close to the edge, a blue shimmer will appear, indicating that you can split the editor here. Release the mouse button to drop the document, which will split the editor at that position in two so that you have two editor panes visible at the same time.

You can repeat this process as much as you want to create a mosaique of editors, showing you as many documents as you need.

You can resize each pane by dragging the border between the editors left and right or up and down.

You can move files across these panes by dragging their tabs and dropping them onto the tabbar of another pane.

Finally, every pane will automatically close once the last document within it is closed or dragged away. In that case, the other editor pane(s) will occupy the now free space.

If you close the last document, the last editor pane will not close. Instead, it will show the Zettlr logo in the background to indicate that there are no open documents.

Multiple Windows

Opening several editor panes is one way to organize your files, but this approach has its limits when it comes to multiple displays. When you work with two monitors, you need multiple windows, not multiple editors.

To open a new, blank window, press Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+N or choose 'Window' → 'New Window'. It will feature the same workspaces in its file manager and you can open any files in as many split views as you like.